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Opening hours: Monday to Thursday 8:00am to 6:00pm
At St Leonards Holistic Dental Care, we understand that each person is an individual. That's why we like to get to know you, right from the beginning. Our aim is to provide exceptional comprehensive care to our patients in a comfortable & caring environment.
All new patients to the practice are booked for an 70 minute appointment. At this appointment Charlotte will examine your teeth, gums and jaw joint. She will discuss with you your medical history and overall health as well as details of previous dental and medical treatment.

You will be able to discuss with Charlotte any dental or general health concerns you may have, as well as your planned treatment.

Please fill out the form to book a New Patient appointment.
Prior to your appointment, you will need to complete a Medical History Form. We can post it to you on your request, or you can print itand click here to email it to us.

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If you would like to book an appointment with Charlotte at St Leonards Holistic Dental Care, just complete the details below and one of her team will be in touch to organise the rest.

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